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The Experiences

Crouching Tiger Hidden Kitten (CTHK)is meant to create fun and joy for this year of Tiger. We want to create a series of Zodiac NFTs that are able to represent the 12 animals sign on Chinese constellations. Launching it yearly, and each of it has its own art style. These Feline ( Tiger ) collections will be the first among the other 12 collections. That's why we have mentioned we have a 12 years roadmap. As a result of this launch, we have gained 69 holders and a total of 169 NFT minted.

We have spent almost 3 months preparing this project, including drawing, coding, utility planning, etc. To kick start this project, we have invested more than 20 ETH in purchasing land on Cryptovoxels, promoting with influencers (useless one) and other collaboration($60k) not including 3 months of our time for the preparation. Most of our promotions didn't achieve great results or were scammed by those influencers.

We have learned that NFT space is a very English space at the moment. People are yet to accept the Chinese Metaphysic cultural-related concept and theme. Even we promote in the Chinese community such as Taiwan/China/Hong Kong, NFT investors tend to look at "the hype of a project" who are following or promoting the project more than "the quality of the team" what we can do and complete. Many successful NFTs that reach a sold-out follow the simple concept by promoting each other, and mostly they are interconnected to each other. We have tried contacting big brands or reputable NFT platforms out of 100 messages sent out and we got 0 replies.

This is a real-world and very truthful experience for all of us. They just promote something that will truly benefit them or be related to them. At the same time, many promoters are trying to reach you and doing fake promotions. They will join our community in discord and tend to manipulate your community members and suggest certain promoters.

We can conclude here that NFT technology is something we adore and are willing to spend our time working on. The space is full of unethical people that promote fake projects for their own benefit. We will continue to work harder to make our 69 holders proud, and let's start from here!

cthk nft members dashboard

The Decision

Many decision has been made during this whole month. The main objective is to gain more community members and create more awareness towards our Yarn Land. We have donated 0.5ETH of what we have collected from Pre-Sale to Vitalik calling.

Even though we didn't reach the sell-out stage or not even 10% sold, we have decided to maintain the project at our own cost. Keep the project running cost minimal and continue with all the utilities we prepared for our communities.

We also decided everything runs accordingly based on the schedule we have set. Reveal will be today, 11.30 PM EST and it will be a full reveal. If you spend some time understanding our projects, they are many interesting stories created and hidden inside our Yarn Land.

cthk funds allocation chart

The Consequences

We have shared the proposal on the fund's collection of what we will do with those funds. By looking at the situation now, we cant proceed with anything on the roadmap.

We have completed all the giveaways for all the winners and airdrop the pre-sale/public sale minter extra NFT on each of the NFT that they minted. Hope everyone that supported us appreciates what we have prepared for the NFT space & community.

Last but not least is my heartfelt voice of my own. Among our team have discussed before what we want to achieve for CTHK NFT? From our research, we know that if we include Chinese related (metaphysics), people will turn off because they felt not confident with Chinese products. (Even the Chinese themselves). If we want to create an NFT art and sell it, it should be pretty easy with our skills and knowledge. BUT if we're going to change a culture or implement Chinese Metaphysic utilities and want the community to accept it, this might take a longer time for people to accept. I want to believe in my own culture and be proud to acknowledge it. We took the more challenging path, and these are the consequences that we have to admit.

We hope more people will pay attention to us, and we will continue hustling until we succeed one day. We will have more know-how preparation for next year's Rabbit Zodiac launch. If you are reading this article, please do send me a message on Discord or Twitter! Thanks for your support and love.

If you are one of our CTHK holders, enjoy the reveal! Send your feline NFT to hunt and earn $meat! Spend your $meat with what we have prepared for you. Collect your $meat and swap for $rainbow to prepare for next year's mint!

Much love, nyan nyan rawr!
your favourite yarn land keeper



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